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"To the Table from the Tree"
On January 31, 2011, Tabletree Juice was introduced to several high-end chefs in B.C. at the B.C. Food Expo in Vancouver and they were invited by the President of the B.C. Chef’s Association to include their juice as an ingredient in the final dessert portion of the competition for British Columbia’s Chef of the Year.  Tabletree was also fortunate enough to have spoken privately with Martin Picard – Food Network’s “The Wild Chef” and gave him a bottle of Tabletree juice.

Shown above with a bottle of Tabletree juice is Montgomery Lau, Sous Chef from The Westin Hotel in Vancouver who became B.C.'s Chef of the Year using Tabletree Black Cherry Juice in the final dessert round of the competition. 12 Chefs from across B.C. competed for the title and in the dessert round of the competition 3 Chefs used Tabletree Juice as one of the required ingredients.                                
B.C.'s Chef of the Year
Montgomery Lau
(holding a bottle of Tabletree Juice)

B.C. Minister of Agriculture, Steve Thomson visits Tabletree
August 20, 2010
BCIC Success Story
the full story can be viewed on the B.C. Innovations Council website at

L.W. Truscott Farms' Gary and Susan Snow are third generation cherry farmers in Creston, BC. Over the years, the landscape of the local and international cherry market has changed, and with it, L.W. Truscott Farms has had to adapt. Thanks to BCIC's Commercialization of Agricultural Technologies (CAT) Program, the Snows have been able to successfully expand their business and are headed in a new direction: the production of cherry juice.

At one time, the Snows' late harvest cherries were in high demand in the international market, with Europe and Asia being their main customers. However, in recent years, the influx of cheaper, imported late variety cherries produced and sold internationally, falling prices and a stronger Canadian dollar, along with the expectation in all markets for a perfect, non-blemished cherry were making it harder for L.W. Truscott Farms to compete and be profitable in the world market. Worst yet, in 2009, extremely heavy rains caused 200,000 pounds of tree-ripe cherries to split, making them unsellable. These culled cherries are normally thrown away or sent to landfills. It became apparent to the Snows that their livelihood was at stake and that business diversification was a necessity.

The idea of utilizing the ripe, culled cherries and processing them into juice was not new to the Snows. The challenge for them was building the capability to process the juice right there on the farm. BCIC's CAT Program gave the Snows the final push to move forward with their venture. The CAT Program was developed to strengthen BC's agriculture, food and bioproducts sector. It bridged the gap between research and industry by transforming innovations into real world solutions.

The fruits of their labour paid off as the Snows were awarded a total of $160,000 from the CAT Program and through it developed a viable business plan and secured the funding required to build the juice processing plant. Thanks to the funding from the CAT Program, L.W. Truscott Farms is home to Tabletree cherry juice. They hope to be able to enlarge their processing facility to accommodate an increased production capacity and expand outside of BC.

"The BCIC CAT competition was structured in such a way that it taught us how to build a successful platform to start from and with the help of many mentors, friends and industry experts we developed a winning business plan and presentation." 
- Gary and Susan Snow, L.W. Truscott Farms


Minister Thomson visited Tabletree on August 20, 2010 when he was touring the Kootenays.
Tabletree Black Cherry Juice was chosen by the Chefs at the Red River College in Manitoba and Agri-Food Canada to go to the National Restaurant Association Food Show in Chicago in May, 2011.  Tabletree Black Cherry Juice was used in a recipe that combined two other Canadian products a soy pudding and a nut-free granola crunch. 
Agri-Food Canada and Red River College Chefs take Tabletree to the National Restaurant Association Food Show in Chicago

Tabletree Newsrelease (03/14/2012):

      NASFT (National Association for the Specialty Food Trade) is pleased to welcome Tabletree to their list of 169 members

Click on the Tabletree icon to go to the NASFT News Release

Truscott Family (Tabletree) is presented with the Century Farm Award from the B.C. Minister of Agriculture.​

Tabletree Black Cherry Juice wins "Best Pure Juice Product - 2012" at the World Juice Conference in Barcelona, Spain - October 16, 2012

Tabletree Juice on top of the world
by Grant Scott - Story: 82463
Oct 27, 2012 / 11:00 am

It's a long way from Creston to Barcelona, but orchardists Gary and Susan Snow were more than happy to make the trip after learning their company, Tabletree Juice won the FoodNews' World Juice 12 Award for the "Best Pure Juice Product" on October 10.The World Juice Conference attracts over 350 industry insiders from 60 countries.

"It's where all the big players go to get together and make deals," says Susan Snow.

Producers like Coke, Pepsi and Tropicana as well as retailers like Walmart all send representatives to the conference.

It was in that atmosphere that Tabletree's black cherry juice was selected over Nudie Juice, the largest juice producer in Australia, for the award.

"We're actually the farmers that grow the fruit," says Snow.

"Five years ago, the writing was kind of on the wall that the fresh market was really taking a dive. So we did a whole lot of research and came up with a proprietary process and machinery to make the juice."

Not long after that they won a BC Innovation Council award which helped boost their new product. While still continuing to market fresh fruit, the juice is quickly becoming their main product.

"We hope with this (World Juice award) under are belt that we can really ramp it up and make a profit. We haven't been for the last five years with our fresh fruit," says Snow

Winning on an international stage has drawn the attention of a multitude of markets and possibilities.

"After we were in Spain, we had to go to Dijon, France to meet with a researcher there. He's been doing experiments on it for anti-inflammatory properties. We've had a lot of testimonials from people where they're improving with gout and arthritis... It's really quite exciting."

Snow says the initial results are very good.

"There's very few compounds that actually help with inflammation, and our juice does."

Tabletree is now looking to expand both domestically and globally. Surprisingly, it's domestic expansion that is providing the biggest hurdle.

"We're actually having the hardest time trying to find places in our own back yard. We're desperately seeking distributors and places to sell our products. It seems that Europe is more interested. This one big Dutch company came up to us and wanted to...take it over and distribute it all around Europe."

For now at least, the Snow's declined the offer.

Tabletree would like to thank FoodNews and the World Juice 12 Awards as Tabletree Black Cherry Juice has won the "Best Pure Juice Product" Award at the World Juice Conference in Barcelona, Spain on October 16 - 17, 2012.  And a huge thank you to all our friends and family and Tabletree lovers for your support over the years.

Gary Snow inspects the cherry crop which goes into making the 'World's Best Pure Juice Product.'
Food News Report
Tiny start-up juice manufacturer scoops World Juice 2012 award
Friday October 26 2012
Volume: 40 Issue: 43
Link to CBC 's Radio West Interview with Rebecca Zandbergen after winning the "Best Pure Juice Product - 2012" Award in Barcelona, Spain

Click on the CBC logo to be directed to the on-air interview.
A huge thank you to our friend Terry Hill for surprising us with such a wonderful jingle for our juice when we came home from Europe.
Please visit Terry's website at

Cool Stuff From the CRFA Foodservice Expo
 (Vancouver, B.C.) 
(Excerpt from EAT/DRINK/BREATHE Blog)

“I was pointed back towards the convention centre entrance and by this time I was full of wine and cheese and coffee and everything… I was done.

So it was kind of strange that I veered off course for the door and tried one last sample before I packed it in. It must have been fate or something that drew me over, because getting to talk with Gary and Susan from Truscott Farms was the biggest pleasure of the show for me. They didn’t look like everybody else, didn’t talk like everybody else, didn’t compulsively check their text messages like everybody else.

“We’re farmers,” Gary said simply when I mentioned this to them, “that’s our main gig, but we come over from Creston to do these shows sometimes. We feel a little out of place, yeah”
They were welcoming and loved to talk about their line of Tabletree Juices, the techniques they developed for juicing, and the homeopathic benefits of pure honest product. During the World Juice Conference in Barcelona, Spain, Tabletree’s black cherry juice won the 2012 Best Pure juice Award! I didn’t even know they had conferences about juice!

It was incredible stuff, sweet, comforting and deeply flavourful like a fine apple cider. I could actually feel the cherry skin break and give way to a satisfying sweetness as I sipped. A lot of care went into the cultivation and crafting of this nectar of the Gods.

That’s what stuck with me as I left the show, that pride in the people making products here on the Westcoast for other food-loving Westcoast people. Not big companies, but real people with farms, trees full of fruit and good ideas.”

Tabletree attended our first B.C. Foodservice Expo and we met some great people who loved our products.  Here is a wonderful excerpt from a review of the Eat/Drink/Breathe Blog located at the link above.  Thank you so much for your wonderful review.
Picture courtesy of Eat/Drink/Breathe
Now at Save-On Foods In Nelson, and now Cranbrook, B.C. - look for us in the "local section"
June 13, 2013 
Tabletree in the Top 3 in both the Innovation Award and Product of the Year categories at the B.C. Food Processor Awards in Vancouver, B.C.
Excerpt from Foodtech Canada 
(FOODTECH combines expertise from twelve leading food & bio-product technology centres and integrates a powerful combination of expertise and infrastructure from nine provinces into a seemless system accessible anywhere in Canada)

Canadian Food Companies Do Innovate

I thought it would be appropriate at this reflective time of year to look back and acknowledge the many companies, and their staff, who have succeeded at innovation. We often hear that Canadian food companies perform poorly when it comes to “innovation” even though we see hundreds of new products introduced into the marketplace each year.

Recently, FOODTECH Canada was asked to participate in an innovation showcase to highlight “innovation successes” from Canadian companies that worked with our food centre members. Fortunately, we had many to choose from. The showcase occurred at the end of November, and featured eleven products from five food technology centres. All of these food and bio-products are agriculture based, and all feature Canadian raw materials. Products included Honibe solid honey drops, Buckshots buckwheat snacks, Three Farmers Camelina oil, Bajong energy bars with dried berries and ginseng, Tabletree’s pure Black Cherry juice, Siwin Foods meat based meals, Ceapro’s dried beta-glucan, Manitoba Harvest Hemp hearts, Buffalo Stix bison and cranberry jerky, Solberry Seabuckthorn purée, and Etuvé sous-vide meals.

A number of these products have been recognized for their uniqueness and quality. Awards include both national and international recognition as ‘best new products’, including Seabuckthorn, Honibe drops, Buckshots and Black cherry juice. It’s not surprising to also hear that two of these products (Honibe and Buffalo Stix) were recently launched into space with Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield, after being chosen in a national campaign to select the top 10 Canadian food products for this mission.

These products were developed with support from FOODTECH Canada’s network of food technology centres. Centres help companies understand what is involved in commercializing food products including the technology, equipment, food safety and regulatory requirements that are needed to enter the marketplace. Collectively, food centres work with 1,000 companies each year, resulting in several hundred new products and multiple improved processes.

Despite these efforts, the Conference Board of Canada released a study showing that only one-third of companies considered product or process improvements priorities that would impact their ongoing success. According to Daniel Munro, Principal Research Associate, ”when it comes to innovation, the Canadian food industry is content to compete for the bronze medal.” We know that Canada’s trade balance continues to decline, and the Conference Board also compared Canada’s performance to Brazil and China for their share of global food exports. While Canada’s share rose 0.7 per cent in 2011, Brazil’s share tripled and China’s nearly doubled in the same time frame.

So, what to do? The Conference Board recommends eight actions for business and government. While all of these are sound, quite a number are focussed on R&D. Most of the above products, as innovative as they are, were not heavily supported by “research” in the traditional sense (with a few exceptions). Rather, they involved much applied developmental work, that looked at maximizing agriculture materials, to create higher value food products. We need more focus on this activity in Canada, to both increase our domestic uptake of agriculture outputs and to add value right here in Canada. In addition to the eight actions,we would add that we need more support for companies to access the spectrum of innovation resources, such as those found within our food technology centres. Obviously, they seem to know how to help Canadian food businesses achieve innovation success.

Food Processing Companies Honoured by the BC Food Processors Association
June 14, 2013

Abbotsford, B.C., June 14, 2013. Pacific Coast Fruit Products received the BC Food Processors Hall of Fame Award at the FoodProWest 2013 Awards Gala on Thursday, June 13th, 2013. Rick Gibbs of Neutron Factory Works received the Leadership Award and Legacy Pacific Group of Companies received the BCFPA Member of the Year Award, whilst the Rising Star Award was jointly won by Marlene Madsen of Island Farmhouse Poultry and Chris Ball of Reliance Insurance Agencies, and the Innovation Award to Christopher Ng of Alterrus. Phillips Brewing Co. was awarded the Sustainability Award. One new award was added last year - the Product of the Year Award was won by Big Mountain Foods for their Original Veggie Burger.

Hall of Fame Award: The Hall of Fame Award recognizes a BC company that has been in the business for 25 or more years and shows a commitment to prosperity and environmental stability. Pacific Coast Fruit Products joins Gizella’s Pastry, Vanderpol Food Group, Avalon Dairy Ltd., Purdy’s Chocolates and Freybe Gourmet Foods in the BC Food Processor’s Hall of Fame.

Other finalists for the Award were:

                         7 Seas
                         Fine Choice Foods

This Hall of Fame Award was sponsored by SGS.

Note: Throughout this document, all nominees are listed alphabetically, not according to placement.

Leadership Award: The Leadership Award recognizes an Industry leader that provides business leadership and inspiration; makes a positive contribution to the community, practices mentorship, environmental sustainability and is a role model. Rick Gibbs of Neutron Factory Works

Other finalists for the Award were:

                      Ryan Benn, aLive Publishing
                      Kelly Hawes, Cold Star Freight

The Leadership Award was sponsored by Grant Thornton.

Member of the Year Award: The Member of the Year Award recognizes a BCFPA Member (processor or associate) that has demonstrated a high engagement level in BCFPA activities and made a contribution to industry efforts. Legacy Pacific Group of Companies (Stan Rogers and his team) excelled by supporting the BCFPA on many fronts and is also always ready to support industry and association.

Other finalists for the Member of the Year Award were:

                     Shervin Communications
                     Reliance Insurance Agencies Ltd.

The Member of the Year Award was sponsored by Farm Credit Canada.

Rising Star Award: The Rising Star Award celebrates a processor who has demonstrated innovation, shown leadership in industry and the community. The award was jointly won by Marlene Madsen of Island Farmhouse Poultry, and Chris Ball of Reliance Insurance Agencies Ltd.

Other finalists for the Rising Star Award were:

                   Corin Mullins, Holy Crap Cereal

The Rising Star Award was sponsored by MNP LLP.

Innovation Award: The Innovation Award recognizes a processor which has demonstrated innovation in any aspect of the company (e.g. processes, technology, ingredients, human resources, culture, engagement, sales and marketing, product development, health and safety, research and development). Christopher Ng of Alterrus received the award.

Other finalists for the Innovation Award were:

                  Charles Chang, Vega
                  Susan & Gary Snow, Tabletree

The Innovation Award was sponsored by Reliance Insurance Agencies Ltd.

Sustainability Award: The Sustainability Award recognizes a processor which has demonstrated energy conservation and sustainability in their operations. Phillips Brewing Co. received the honours.

Other finalists for the Energy/ Sustainability Award were:

                 Gourmet Baker
                 Left Coast Naturals

The Sustainability Award was sponsored by BC Hydro.

Product of the Year Award: The Product of the Year Award recognizes a product that shows innovation; criteria include taste (if applicable), product packaging, marketing, innovation, and environmental impact. Big Mountain Foods with their Original Mountain Veggie Burger had the honour of winning this award  

The other finalists for the Product of the Year Award was:

               Left Coast Naturals, Hippie Granola
               Tabletree, Black Cherry Juice

It was a very close decision, so the judging panel decided to award Honourable Mentions to:

              Direct Produce, Tom Yum Soup
              Happy Planet, Happy Planet Organic Soups
              Que Pasa Mexican Food, Organic Corn Tortilla Chips and homestyle salsa
              TheraWise, DpR Natural Baby Diaper Ointment
              Vitala Foods, Vita D Sunshine Eggs
              Vij’s Indian Cuisine, Vij’s Indian Cuisine
              Vancouver Island Brewery, Hermannator Ice Bock

              The Product of the Year Award was sponsored by alive Publishing Inc.
Obviously a hard job for the judges as they were literally judging apples to oranges - or in our case, cherry juice to veggie burgers.  But we are all winners in our own right.  We were honoured to have had a video taken of our company by the B.C. Food Processors for our being shortlisted for the Innovation Award as well and we will have that video up shortly for viewing.
 Thank you B.C. Food Processors for a wonderful evening..
Tabletree in the History Books with the "Big Boys"
Video for B.C. Food Processors Product of the Year
Video for B.C. Food Processors Innovation Award
Tabletree placed in the Top 3 in both of the Awards that we were nominated for.  These are the videos that played at the B.C. Food Processors Awards Banquet in Vancouver that showcased those companies up for the awards.  A videographer was sent out to film us for the Innovation Award.  A big thank you to the B.C.F.P.A.
News Release 
August 1, 2013

Table Tree Juice has been nominated for the 2013 BC Export Awards under the category of “New Exporter” by Economic Development for the Kootenay Region 

The BC Export Awards is presented by the Government of BC and Canadian Manufacturers’ & Exporters and is Canada’s oldest and longest-running ceremony of its kind.

B.C. Export Award Nomination

October 3, 2013

​Last year Tabletree's Black Cherry Juice won "Worlds Best Pure Juice Product". And we are once again happy to announce that we won second place for another World Juice Award - this time - our Red Apple Juice in the category of "Best New Nectar or Juice". The award took place in Cologne, Germany. 

Tabletree would like to thank the judges of the World Juice Conference and FoodNews and our loyal consumers who have supported us since the beginning. This is a huge honour for us having won twice in two years on the world stage with two different products for such a prestigious award. 

Tabletree Red Apple Juice Wins Second Place for World Juice Award
Mad Mixology Video Features Tabletree Juices
Christopher Jones, Professional Football Coach purchases Tabletree Black Cherry juice for his team

News Release
October 9, 2014

Gary and Susan Snow, co-owners of Tabletree Enterprises Inc., are very pleased to announce that they have culminated a sale to Chris Jones, a professional football coach to supply the team with their world award winning Tabletree Black Cherry juice. The juice will act as both an injury preventative and an accelerated healing agent for sports related injuries.

While the natural medicinal values of cherry juice are common knowledge, the proprietary commercial juicing equipment invented by Gary & Susan Snow produces an exceptional quality product which makes it a world leader in flavour. 

With the advent of supplying a professional football team, currently tied for second place in their league, this has opened up a whole new potential world wide market within the sports industry.

With our team, consisting of Gary and Susan Snow, owners and “juicers extraordinaire”, and Al Dawson, Marketing & Promotion, Canada & USA and Frank Elsener, Corporate Adviser, USA & Europe, we are moving Tabletree Juice into very lucrative potential markets and would certainly welcome any inquiries to consider joining us in this exciting trip.

We would be remiss if we did not thank Chris Jones. Chris recognizes the value of quality Tabletree Black Cherry Juice as a partner in keeping his players active on the field. Teaming up with Tabletree is an innovative move off the field in their march to the Grey Cup.

September 14, 2014

Due to Tabletree's success, world recognition and increased orders, we are looking for investors and/or buyers of our business and farm to take this business to the next level. With our properietary equipment and process we make wonderful natural healthful products that are being sought after both for their taste and medicinal benefit as well.  

If you have the passion to join our team and to help us and other growers your involvement would be welcomed.  

Only serious offers will be considered.
Opportunity for Investment or Sale of Proprietary Equipment and Farm
With Dr. Patrick Dutartre (Cohiro) in his lab at the University of Burgundy in Dijon, France in 2012 going over the anti-inflammatory test results of Tabletree Black Cherry Juice.
Tabletree Expands Operations to Montana

Tabletree News Release
June 29, 2015

Tabletree is pleased to announce that a Letter of Intent has been signed with the Flathead Cherry Growers Association in Montana. The intentions of the agreement is to formalize the details by which we may expand our juice business into the United States and we are currently in the stages of proceeding with the steps to build a new juice plant operation on Flathead Lake in Montana.

We will be continuing to produce our globally awarded juice in Creston for the 2015 production run and will assure that our customer base has access to Tabletree products this next year and the years to come as we expand in the USA. 

We are evaluating a BC expansion opportunity as well for the 2016 season and considering the best type of business structure and relationship that would best support this expansion.   We are considering the possibility of joint-ventures, a franchise, or other model to expand our local and Western Canada existing customer base. We would welcome the chance to discuss this unique and exclusive business opportunity.

For further information, and during these changes, please look at the contact information for Gary or Susan Snow at Tabletree at www.tabletreejuice.com or our email at tabletreejuice.com@gmail.com

Many wonderful opportunities are opening up for Tabletree and this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more in the weeks to come.
A New Chapter - Tabletree Montana
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                        MARCH 21, 2016

CONTACT:     Barbara Hammons (406) 982-3064
                      Gary or Susan Snow (406) 982-3042 


  FINLEY POINT -- Tabletree Montana and Flathead Cherry Growers Association announced their joint partnership to construct a juice plant at Finley Point to be operational by the 2016 harvest season. The new venture will produce world class fruit juices and sauces utilizing culled, or damaged, fruit which has typically been discarded or sold at a loss to farmers.

  Tabletree Enterprises was founded in 2010 when Gary and Susan Snow, cherry farmers in Creston, British Columbia, developed a unique process and equipment that produces high-quality fruit juices and culinary sauces from culled fruit. Two years later, Tabletree's Black Cherry Juice won first place in the Best Pure Juice category at the 2012 World Juice Awards. The following year, Tabletree Apple Juice won second place as the Best New Juice or Nectar at the same prestigious event.

  After successfully marketing their product throughout Canada for the past six years, the Snows decided to open their business in Montana where they had previously resided.

  "They say necessity is the mother of invention," said Susan Snow of Tabletree Montana. "As farmers ourselves, we were highly motivated to find a use for our culled fruit, so we experimented with making juices. The result is a delicious and healthy product that has been well received by consumers, chefs and food scientists alike."

  Flathead Lake Cherry Growers Inc. (FLCG), an agricultural cooperative since 1935, currently has 70 members who grow about two million pounds of cherries each year. FLCG sells most of their fruit through a marketing agreement with Monson Fruit Company in Selah, Washington. After being processed with state of the art equipment, Monson packages and ships fresh Flathead cherries to domestic and foreign markets. In Montana, the cherries are consolidated and cooled at a warehouse at Finley Point owned by FLCG. This building will also be the site of the new juicing facility through a lease agreement with Tabletree

  "Cherries are culled for various deficiencies and in the past this has varied from 10 to 30%.” stated Bruce Johnson, FLCG President, "We have been looking for a way to create a value added product made here in Montana. Our partnership with Tabletree is truly a win-win-win situation. We can more fully utilize our warehouse facility and increase returns for our local cherry growers, while being profitable for Tabletree and boosting our local economy with the creation of new jobs."

  Flathead Lake Cherry Growers received a Growth Through Agriculture grant awarded by the Montana Department of Agriculture, which will allow them to complete renovations of their warehouse necessary for Tabletree to construct their juice plant in that facility.

  "We are excited to be back in Montana to build on the successes we had in Canada," said Gary Snow of Tabletree Montana. "Our business plan calls for developing a second juicing line next year and a continuous flow line in the future. We'll need more partners to help us accomplish that."  

  For more information, visit www.tabletreejuice.com.

   For more about Flathead’s premier cherries, visit montanacherries.com and Monson’s at www.monsonfruit.com

Thank You To All Who Have Supported Our New Business Venture in Montana
 In The News - Links to many wonderful articles
Tabletree would also like to thank the many wonderful articles, newspaper, and t.v. reports that were written up about our new venture in Montana.

Daily Interlake

Daily Interlake Editorial

Lake County Leader

The Missoulian

Specialty Food Association

Flathead Beacon

Wefunder Blog - interesting comment on their blog about us... "What I discovered in Whitefish, and the many other cities we visited, is that things are happening there, whether SF-folk like me knew or cared. There are entrepreneurs like Gary and Susan of Tabletree who are making the best damn juice in the world in out-of-the-way places like Whitefish, Montana. Sure, they might not make a billion dollars, but their dream and business is just as worthwhile and deserving of a chance to make it happen."


Refrigerated & Frozen Food Site 


Billings Gazette

The Prairie Star - Ag Weekly

Montana Associated Technology Roundtables

K99 FM

NCAT - Sustainable Agriculture

The Dispatch - Clay Center Kansas

Nigeria Teller 

Kalispell Newswire
Cherry grower, association partner to construct new juice plantRead the original story w/Photo

Jun 18, 2015 | Refrigerated & Frozen Foods
The new venture will produce world-class fruit juices and sauces utilizing culled, or damaged, fruit typically not suitable for market. Tabletree Montana, Kalispell, Mont., and Flathead Cherry Growers Association , Bigfork, Mont., announced a joint partnership to construct a juice plant at Finley Point to be operational by the 2016 harvest season.

KOPR - Butte 

New Flathead plant to turn culled cherries into juice

KALISPELL, Mont. (AP) — Flathead will soon be home to a new cherry juice plant.

The Daily Inter Lake reports that the Flathead Cherry Growers Association has announced that the plant will turn cherries not suitable for market into juice.

Association member Bob Sandman says they’ve been searching for a way to make money off the culled cherries.

Gary and Susan Snow will run the factory. They are originally from Yellow Bay and have moved back into the area after farming cherries in British Columbia.

The new company will be called Tabletree Montana and will be capable of producing 150,000 8.5-ounce bottles of cherry juice. It will be the new arm of the Snows’ startup, Tabletree Juice, which won the Best Pure Juice in the World award in Barcelona, Spain, in 2012.

​Micah and Ashley Snow - Our Son & Daughter In Law  - Glasgow, Scotland
Rick & Jenny Faynor - Faynor Orchards - Our Good Friends- Creston, B.C.
Terry & Denise Jaeger - Our Good Friends - Creston, B.C.
Jamie O'Neil & Lisa Ellsworth - Our Good Friends - Read Food Cafe, Creston, B.C.

Our Team and Advisors - Future & Past:
Linda Howard
Al Dawson
Chris Pook
Tom Hobby 
Ann Eastman
Frank Elsner

Bob Sandman, Bruce Johnson & the Flathead Cherry Growers Association
Chris Monson & Rod Briggs, Monson Fruit Company
Jim & MaryLee Oliverson, Kalispell Medical Center & Friends
Wade Young & Pamela Marks, Our Future Partners
Eric Hanson & Flathead Bank
Jay T Johnson - Moore, Cockrell, Goicoechea & Axelberg, P.C.
John Balsam, Director - Small Business Development Centre
Jan Tusick, Marie Hirsch, Lake County Community Development
Kim Morisaki, Kalispell Montana Economic Development
Lyle Coney & Lad Barney, USDA
Rob & Bonni Quist, Real Estate Agent & Friend
Sassi Forden, Friend
David & Margaret Griffith, Friends
Brett McCrumb & Jim Knaus, McCrumb Construction
Mike Jackson, BEAR (Business Extension and Retention)
Dave DeGrandpre & Alex Hogle - Land Solutions
Lake County Planning Board
Robert Costa - Lake County Planner
Anna Schaffeld, Lake County Sanitarian

A big thank you to SBDC Montana for choosing Tabletree Montana as their 2017 Kalispell, MT Success Story.
World Gold Meets World Gold

Congratulations Treasure State Honey and Jim Savoy from Fort Shaw, Montana for bringing home the GOLD from Apimondia in Istanbul, Turkey. Best honey in the world!   

An amazing ingredient in our products!! 
 Not only is Tabletree the Best Juice in the World, but Tabletree has the World's Best Honey in Our Products!! 

Congratulations Jim Savoy and Treasure State Honey - Best Honey In The World!! -