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Cherry Juice

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For that real cherry flavour all year long and the same great health benefits.  Many people are taking one ounce a day for their aches and pains.
Online Orders:

Please us the contact information form below if you are interested in ordering juice.  Include your address in the message area so that shipping charges can be determined.  We will contact you with the price including shipping and will get payment confirmation from you and information from you as to payment once we have that calculated for you.

Subscription Program:  -  5% cost savings to you

Because of the many people using our juice as a health aid, we are pleased to offer a subscription program for those of you wanting it on a more consistent basis.  We will send you your order monthly,every other month, twice yearly, yearly, or whatever time frame you like.   Please use the contact information form below.  Include your address in the message area and a note indicating how often you would like your subscription order.  There is a 5% cost savings to you in ordering our juice through our subscription program.