"Treat Yourself to Treat Others"

-       Excellent full body taste, color, and the glass bottle gives it a sophisticated appearance. 

-       A wonderful alcohol-free alternative to wine.

-       Pasteurized with "All Natural Ingredients"

-       Proprietary juice extraction  process which produces a superior quality product

-       Safe Farm Practices used in the growing of the fruit used in the juice - Global Gap Certified.

-       Product can be traced by the consumer "To the Table from the Tree."

-       Can be used in a variety of recipes or toppings 

-      Drink it "All by itself"

-      Add to soda, or wine (makes a not so good wine, a great wine) - try half and half for a drink we like to
                   call "Cherries on the Vine" - a third of a bottle in a pitcher of lemonade - makes an amazing
                   cherry lemonade

-      Pour over ice-cream

-      In a salad vinaigrette, or stir-fry

-      Use as a mix

-       Use in place of wine - great paired with cheese

-       Heat it and drink it  or add sour cream to the heated juice for  a wonderful soup
"To the Table from the Tree"

Black Cherry Culinary Sauce
and Apple Culinary Sauce

- over ice cream it is amazing
- as a glaze on chicken, fish, or meat
- in a stir fry it adds great flavour
- as a barbeque sauce base
- use in place of molasses in baking
- can be used pretty much anywhere
in your meals - be creative

Red Apple Juice

Made from Creston's own apples

Tastes like Mom's apple pie.  Unlike any apple juice you have ever had.
Black Cherry Juice

The World's 
Best Pure 
Juice Product

For that real cherry flavour all year long and the same great health benefits.
Two sizes available

250 ml - 8.5 oz
750 ml - 25.4 oz.

Currently we only have the cherry juice available.