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Montana - Open for Business?

Montana - Open for Business?

With the opening of Montana and the relaxing of the "stay at home" orders and the likelihood that we all will be exposed to Covid-19 one day, I just wanted to add my two cents worth.


Like I did with cancer, I did my research and I prepared my body for it. I am surprised that we are not seeing and hearing more about what we can do to prepare for it.


With cancer, I completely changed my diet, I quit smoking, I gave up sugar and dairy and processed meat and most other meats as well. My body craved salmon and tuna, and broccoli and cauliflower and brussel sprouts, whereas before it was donuts, sugar and cake.


Most major diseases, cancer included, starts with inflammation. If we can keep the inflammation down in our bodies those diseases, viruses included, may not get a strong foot hold. I encourage everyone to drink and eat those foods that are known anti-inflammatories. And yes, that “may” also include our Tabletree Cherry Juice. But also eat all of those other foods and beverages that “may” be known anti-inflammatories and stay away from those foods that cause inflammation as noted in the chart below.

We just did an interview with KGEZ about the possible health benefits of our juice and cherries in particular. But there are many foods and beverages out there that we all need to be eating and drinking right now to prepare our bodies for this virus. And in that interview we tell you where to do your research on them as well. Anyone that wants me to send them a copy of our interview, please send me your email either through our website or through private message on Facebook and I will send it to you.

Yes, I want people to buy our cherry juice, but most of all I want people to be prepared. I survived Stage 4 colon cancer after having been given 2 months to live and now 14 years later I want everyone to know it was through my positive attitude, the love and support from my friends and family but most important, through a total change in my diet.


Stay healthy, everyone and drink your cherry juice!

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